Soil Analysis

24 to 48 hour turn-around time.  Six weighings, specializing in problem soils, recommendations.  Our most popular soil tests are Agriculture, Garden, City Parks, Golf Courses and Dryland Wheat.

Plant Analysis

The lab runs 24 hours a day during the summer months.  The database includes 220 crops for recommendations.  We offer monitoring programs where the crop is checked weekly for soil and plant nutrients.  We also offer a one-time Commercial Plant Test.

Grid Testing

Grid sampling is for precision farming where the problems are found and treated.  This program has applications good for at least ten years.

Nematode and Disease Testing

We offer complete nematode testing including cyst nematodes.  Root knot nematodes are separated by species.  We also test for soil born diseases including pink root, verticillium, rhizoctonia, fusarium and pink rot.


Our feed testing is all wet chemistry.  For dairy feed testing we recommend our test #31 which includes a calcium to phosphorus ratio.  We also offer nitrate testing with guidelines.

Manure and Compost Testing

This test includes manure, wet or dry, compost, lagoon and holding ponds.  This test explains pounds of nutrients per ton of dry manure and pounds of nutrients per 1,000 gallons of lagoon/slurry water.

Irrigation Watering

Our water analysis includes salts, major and minor nutrients, alkalinity and water hardness.  This test is to measure the quality of your irrigation water.