Western Laboratories is a full service commercial laboratory testing  the  following:

We specialize in providing information about the chemical, physical and biological properties of soils. We process 50,000 soil samples, 12,000 plant tissue, 3,000 feed, 500 manure, 16,000 nematode and 1,500 plant disease samples per year from over 6,000 clients! Each year these numbers grow higher!

​We have the capability of processing up to 1,000 samples per day. We can provide results in a little as 24-48 hours after receiving  the samples depending on the test.  Our company has 17 full time employees and 8 part time employees, including 4 professional agriculturalists. 7 well-trained laboratory technicians are cross-trained to perform all of the analyses the lab provides.  ​We're the worlds largest potato and onion testing laboratory!​

​​Western Laboratories has been a voluntary participant in the American Society of Agronomy Soil Proficiency Exchange Program since 1978. 
We were among the first of four laboratories to participate in this program. ​

- soils 
-plant diseases

Western Laboratories was established in 1973 by John P. Taberna, Soil Scientist.

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