Individual Pricing:

GMO/RoundUp Ready - $50.00

​Verticillium albo-atrum - $58.00

Complete Feed Analysis - $48.00

Group Pricing:
GMO/RoundUp Ready & Verticillium albo-atrum - $78.00

Plus Complete Feed Analysis - $126.00​

GMO Testing

RUSH on any testing will be an addition $15.00 per sample. 

We have been asked by several of our customers to do GMO testing on Alfalfa.  ​To fulfill our customers needs, we decided to do just that.  Since August 1st, 2014 we have been able to test alfalfa hay for the presence of the Roundup Ready Alfalfa. In our test trials we are able to detect 0.1 percent GMO alfalfa in Non-GMO material.  With this new test we can maintain a 24-hour turn around and give you the results at the same time as our Verticillium albo-atrum assays. There is no need for special packaging because we can run the GMO test on the same product that customers send us already. We provide feed testing as well as the GMO and Verticillium and have package prices please see the table below with the breakdown of the cost for the testing: