Our agriculture testing is designed for commercial agriculture crops.  Our database includes 216 different crops.  If a crop and realistic goal are submitted, you will get recommendations free of charge.  Our Submission Form (found in the tests tab drop down menu) and Report allow you to submit two different crops or one crop with two yield goals.   

A very popular test is the Soil Solution test (1S). This test gives you a regular soil analysis but also what is available in the soil solution. Having adequate extractable fertility does not necessarily mean that everything is available to the plant in the soil solution. 

There are several techniques to collect a sample.  Scroll down and click the link "How to Collect a Soil Sample" to see what we recommend. We also offer Grid Testing.  Our most popular grid testing programs are Soil pro I and Soil pro II for high input crops. Soil Pro III is designed for wheat and sugar beets. Please click the "Grid Testing & Programs" for more information. You can also find our laboratories methods under the "WL Methods for Soils" button. To see the testing fee's please click the "Soil Fee Schedule" button. 

If you have any further questions, please call or email us! 


We need 2-3 cups of soil to give you the most accurate test possible. 

Soil Testing